Driving Solutions for Balanced Lifestyles

More than 55% of all beverages sold today contain zero sugar.

We’re putting calorie information up front—on every can, bottle and pack we produce.

Beverage calories shipped to schools have been reduced by 93%.

(From left) Caramel Connections’ Resha Evans, Elizabeth McSwain and Maya Crim pose at a virtual cooking class.America’s leading beverage companies are continuing to innovate and launch more beverage options with less sugar or no sugar at all, plus a greater variety of portion sizes. This collaborative work, in partnership with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, is a voluntary commitment to support American families in their efforts to find balance and reduce sugar in their diet—and this better way approach is working.

Making Continued Progress

The latest independent evaluation of Balance Calories shows the largest single-year national decline yet in calories Americans get from beverages—and the third consecutive year of declines—moving us closer to achieving our goal of a 20% reduction in beverage calories consumed per person nationally by 2025. It’s making a difference locally too, where efforts already underway in five communities continue to see declines.

Coordinating Our “Balance” Message

Our partnerships with public health groups and community organizations at the national and local level remain strong. From Barrio Action in Los Angeles to The Campaign Against Hunger in New York City, together we’re providing information and options to help vulnerable communities achieve a more balanced lifestyle in the face of new public health challenges. ABA’s partners in California—Casa Familiar in San Ysidro, Caramel Connections in the Inland Empire, Pacoima Beautiful in the San Fernando Valley and Veggielution in San Jose—are promoting health and wellness with educational booklets and low- or no-calorie beverages.